RSIME Railcar Bearing Tester

RSIME designed and built a bearing tester to evaluate rail vehicle bearings.  It was designed to simulate the static load of a loaded or empty railcar on the bearings,  this was accomplished with hydraulic rams.  A 50 horsepower motor turns an axle with four testing bearing mounted on.  A vector inverter motor controller allows testing to be done at any speed, up to 100+ mph.  A torque sensor measures and records the bearing torque of the course of the test.  Bearing temperatures are also measured using a data acquisition system.  Two large fans simulate the cooling effect of air rushing past the bearings like when a railcar is traveling down the track.

RSIME Bearing Tester: Side View

Bearing Tester Side View

RSIME Bearing Tester: Back Side View

Bearing Tester backside view

RSIME Bearing Tester: End View

Bearing Tester end view

RSIME Bearing Tester: Axle Turning
Doug Marsh is shown machining a test axle used with the bearing tester.

Axle Turning