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RSIME Business Solutions:
What Can RSIME Do for You?

As engineering consultants, our primary goal is to offer our expertise and skills to our customers.  We strive to please our customers with accurate, efficient consulting that meets all their needs.  Below are several examples of how RSIME has provided business solutions.

Product Development

We have also aided in the design of new products.  Customers have asked us to apply our expertise in development of their product.  We have used machine design skills, finite element modeling and vehicle dynamics modeling to help develop or improve components.  This consulting service has been especially valuable to smaller companies that cannot afford a engineering staff or larger companies trying to lower costs. 

product development 

supplier validation

Supplier Validation

As we are a fully equipped material testing lab, we are often asked to verify a supplier material or component for a customer.  This is often done through chemical analysis, hardness testing, tensile testing and fatigue testing as required by standards such as ASTM, NIST, SAE, UL, etc...  Validating a supplier is extremely important so to maintain the quality of your product, while maintaining good value suppliers.

Quality Control

Maintaining a high level of product quality is an invaluable aspect of a manufacturer.  RSIME can help by testing components or materials to meet published standards or customers internal standards.  RSIME can test a few or numerous samples to help our customers maintain an excellent quality control.



Statistical Trending

Often with failure analysis it is useful to determine if failures or product lifetimes have a statistical trend.  We have tremendous experience using Weibull Analysis, which is a very powerful statistical trending tool.  It can determine optimum replacement times and predict how many failures will occur in the future.  You can learn more about statistical trending method in our Weibull Analysis Case History Article.

Component Failure and Root Cause Investigation

Much of our expertise has been focused on addressing component failures.  Often times a customer component would fail unexpectedly, resulting in expensive damages or down time.  It is important for them to understand what was the root cause of the failure so they can insure it won't happen again.  RSIME can inspect the failed component and recommend actions to help prevent future failures.  

 failure picture

high failure rate

High Wear or Failure Rates

Often times a particular component is expected to fail eventually, but is doing so very rapidly.  Such as the case with bearings, wear components, machine tooling, and cyclically loaded components.  Often a customer can save money by investigating the cause of their component's rapid failure and fix the problem, as opposed to paying for numerous replacements.  RSIME can investigate the problem by inspecting the fractures or worn surfaces.  In the past we have designed and built testing fixtures to compare components under service conditions and to compare different materials or supplier sources.  Examples of this are a bearing tester and fatigue testing.

Expert Witness Services

RSIME has helped numerous times when a customer becomes involved in legal matters, and requires an expert witness.  RSIME's licensed engineers are available to act as expert witnesses on the part of the client and provide depositions and/or court appearances.  Learn more about RSIME's legal support