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Mechanical and Materials Engineering Services

RSIME specializes in mechanical and materials engineering services.  We believe that providing well-rounded engineering services, we can take care of all our customers needs.  For example, with a single component we can analyze the material, measure strain and acceleration of the component in service, perform finite element modeling of it, and design modifications.  RSI Materials Engineering specializes in the following engineering services:

 materials engineering

Materials Engineering

RSIME can help customers with material problems using some of the following engineering services:

  • Failure Analysis
  • Material Processing Issues
  • Material Evaluations
  • Material Selection
  • Heat Treatment Evaluations

Data Acquisition

Another major service RSIME provides is data acquisition.  Measuring the effects of a service environment onto a component can help indicate unexpected failures or help with design modifications.  More...
data aq 

machine design 

Machine Design

Often a machine component must be designed from scratch or simply altered.  RSIME has years of experience developing machine designs for all types of applications.  In the past we have made engineering designs for products, manufacturing line equipment, testing equipment for specification testing, etc...

Finite Element Modeling

When developing a new component or trying to determine a failure, finite element modeling is a very efficient, cost effective method.  It allows for many scenarios to be tested without the costs of prototypes and "real-life" tests.  RSIME specializes in both static and dynamic modeling of structures, fluids and heat transfer.   More...

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