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RSIME Finite Element Modeling

Two finite element programs are used by RSI Materials Engineering:


An extremely powerful non-linear explicit finite element program that can model most all physically occuring problems.  It is often used to model material deformation, impacts, vehicle crash worthiness, sheet metal stamping, etc...  More...


When less complex problems are addressed, COSMOS is the FEA program of choice.  It is very quick and is paired with Solidworks, a 3D CAD Program.  This allows for analysis and revisions to be done very efficiently.  COSMOS focuses on the following:

  • Static structural analysis
  • Vibration and natural frequency analysis
  • Buckling analysis
  • Heat transfer
    • Steady-state
    • Transient
  • Fluid flow dynamics

FEA Frequently Asked Questions

What is finite element modeling?

Finite element analysis (FEA) is a computational modeling method that discretizes a complicated component geometry into simple, manageable "finite elements". This allows for easy calculation of stresses and strains.

Why would I want to use FEA?

Finite element analysis allows for many different designs under varying load scenarios to be tested without the time and expense of full scale physical testing.  Costs and development time can be decreased with finite element analysis. FEA can also be used as a failure analysis tool to help determine the root cause of a failure.  Finite element models are also helpful with litigation due to their descriptive and easily understood plots of stresses.

Why should I use RSI Materials Engineering for my modeling needs?

Not only is RSIME a professional and experienced finite element modeling firm; we are also a fully equipped materials testing laboratory.  We have the capability to physically and computationally test your component to give you the complete analysis you need.